About Me

Who am I?

Yes, I nearly think every day obout this question…

Here are some facts:

  • I am 38 years old
  • Mother of two wonderful children
  • Working as a Scrum Master / Agile Coach
  • Loving my job
  • Was a software developer before
  • I love it to be active and creative
  • I like bouldering and climbing
  • I enjoy Yoga
  • And I sew crazy quilts and clothing for my children and me

Why do I blog?

Agile as an attitude towards life helps structuring, growing and enjoying life at the fullest. Little by little you will find posts about agile topics and coaching methods in my blog.

By the way, you can also be part of the creation of this blog. Make me happy with your feedback and new ideas! Use this link and send me a mail!

Why the superhero design?

Why not? We all are everyday superheroes, arenĀ“t we? Imagine, you – yes you – are one of approximately 300 million sperms, who reached the target alone and by yourself. Is this not fabulous?

Every day in our live we achieve so much. So why not celebrate that?

Salute & Hugs